October 21, 2020

2004-02-18 – The Journal Times

2004 02 18 The_Journal_Times_Wed__Feb_18__2004_

Modest Mouse. music featured in ad

What is the name of the
song in the new Nissan
Quest commercial and who
sings it?

The song is “Gravity Rides
Everything” by the trio Modest
Mouse. The band, which hails
from Issaquah, Wash, formed in
1993 and features singer/guitarist
Isaac Brock, bassist Eric Judy
and drummer Jeremiah Green.
After their first three indie
releases garnered favorable
reviews, the hand signed with
Sony in 2000 and released “The
Moon and Antarctica,” which
features the song now heard on
the Nissan Quest commercial.
The album marked a departure
from the band’s earlier releases
in that it was moodier and
featured more acoustic
instrumentation. The band’s
forthcoming album, “Good News
For People Who Love Bad News,”
is due in stores on April 6.

What can you tell me

about the “now” Paul SImon
album that is coming out
soon? I heard someone on
the radio say that It con-
tains the original versions of
some classic SImon a Gar»-

Iunkol songs.

After the poor public response
to Simon & Garfunkel’s debut
album, “Wednesday 3 AM,”
Paul Simon moved to London for
a brief period of time in 1965.


: 32‘;

On Recon!

solo album, “The Paul Simon
Songbook.” He recorded the *
songs with only his acoustic
guitar as accompaniment. At the
time, Simon was not pleased with
the quality of the recording and
prevented its distribution in the
US. Subsequently, “The Paul
Simon Songbook” has become a
highly collectible album. Many
of the album’s 12 songs would '
appear on future Simon &
Garfunkel albums ( some with
different lyrics) including “1 Am
A Rock,” “The Sound of Silence”
and “Kathy’s Song.” One song,
“The Side of a Hill,” would
appear as the countermelody in
“Scarborough Fair.” Now, almost
40 years after it was released in
the U.K., Simon’s dissatisfaction
with the album has apparently
subsided, therefore paving the

‘ Way for the first American

fan, this album will be a
welcome addition to your

I was listening a classic
lock station recently when
the DJ said that ho was
going to play a song that
futures members of Pink
Floyd, the Who, and Led
ZappolIn. I had to stop lis-
tening to the radio before I
could hear the song. Do you
know what song he was
talking about?

Most likely, he was talking
about “Rockestra Theme” from
Paul McCartney and Wings’ 1979
album “Back to the Egg.” On
Oct. 3, 1978, more than 20
musicians met at Abbey Road
Studios in London and recorded
two McCartney compositions:
“Rockestra Theme” and “So Glad
'lb See You Here.” Of the two,

' “Rockestra Theme” received

some radio airplay at the time.
Musicians in the studio that day
included Pete 'Ibwnshend and
Kenney Jones of the Who, Led
Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones and
John Bonham, and Pink Floyd’s
David Gilmour. Besides being on
Back tothe Egg, “Rockostra
Theme” can be found on
Wingspan, the two-disc collection
of McCartney’s best post-Beatlas
material, which was released in