October 30, 2020

2004-03-12 – Reno Gazette Journal

2004 03 12 Reno_Gazette_Journal_Fri__Mar_12__2004_

The Who

“Tommy: Deluxe”; Geflen/Universal Chronicles

I know what you’re saying — yet
another repackage of this rock opera?
We had the original, the orchestral
version with uest stars, the movie
soundtrack, t e Broadway cast
album etc. etc. So why
recommend this version above

all others? Simply put,
Disc 2, which has
some of the best
bonuses of any
Who reissue.

Among the treasures are new songs
that should have been on the original: a
fun ska-flavored first-part to “Cousin
Kevin” by john Entwistle that’s better
than the actual song and a heavy rocker
called “ tying to Get Throu h” sung by
Pete Townshend that would ave been

' great at the opera’s climactic, mirror-
smashing moment. You also get great
alternative takes, including a stomping
version of “Christmas” and a less
bombastic but still grand take on the live
staple “Young Man Blues,” with a crisp
vocal turn by Roger Daltrey. Plus there
are instrumental tracks, five excellent
demos and some funny studio chatter.

So what about the real thing? Remas-
tered and remixed by Townshend from
the original tapes, this is the version of
“Tommy” to get. Yes, there are serious
issues here — overly long noodling, a
weak narrative thread, some undercooked
numbers. Then again, a majority of this is
among the finest Who: the vibrant
“Amazing Joumey/Sparks” medley; the
snarling version of “The Acid Queen”; the
beatific take on “I’m Free”; the
underrated and cutting fame/fan arable
“Sally Simpson”; and the conclu ing “See
Me Feel Me/Listening to You” mantra.
Oh, and a little thing called “Pinball
Wizard” that still leaps from the speakers
and commands you to listen.

— fir]: Earnest, Reno