October 31, 2020

2004-04-09 – Arizona Daily Star

2004 04 09 Arizona_Daily_Star_Fri__Apr_9__2004_

Then and Now
Artist The Who

Labet Geffen

N ormafly, yet another Who
compilation wouldn’t warrant
attention “Then and Now,” a
20ttack, greatest-hits set, how-
ever, is -
bound to
attract no-
thanks to
the inclu-
sion of two
newly ° ' ' " ’
written Who songs, the first m
22 years.

“Who songs” being a relative
term since only Pete Town-
shend and Roger Daltrey re-
main from the original four-
some. Alas, the tepid, midtempo
“Real Good Looking Boy” and
“Old Red Wine” only prove that
the once mighty Who should
have followed Led Zeppelin’s ex-
ample and retired the name af-
ter Who drummer Keith Moon
died in 1978.

“Old ted wine/Well past its
prime,” Dalttey sings. Sounds
too close like a summation of
the Who in 2004.