October 22, 2020

2005-03-05 – The Los Angeles Times

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All—Voice Who tribute

goes miles and miles

Petra Haden accepted a

challenge to vocally

recreate ‘The Who

Sell Out.’ And Pete
Townshend likes it.

Times StaffWriter

It’s not exactly that Petra
Haden isn’t taking this thing se-
riously. It’s just that it was really
a private project taken on as an
exercise, and she had no inten-
tion of playing it for anyone ex-
cept friends, primarily Mike
Watt, the Los Angeles musician
who challenged her to try it in the
first place.

Anyway, who in the world
would want a start-to-finish,
home-recorded re-creation of the
Who’s classic 1967 album “The
Who Sell Out,” done entirely a
cappella, with Haden’s multi-

tracked singing emulating every
instrumental and vocal line of
the original? Especially when her
results weren’t exactly state of
the art.

That’s why Haden, one of jazz
musician Charlie Haden’s triplet
daughters and a longtime pres-
ence on L.A.’s pop and experi-
mental music scene, can’t quite
get her head around the way this
thing is taking on a life of its own.

“I played it for Watt over the
phone,” she says. “He said,
‘Great, now put it out.’ And I
thought, ‘Are you serious?’ . . .It’s
really lo—fi. I was reading the
lyrics and you could hear the pa-
per crinkling, you could hear
tape noise. I recorded some of
the tracks wrong and my voice
wasn’t all there, like I recorded it

But after a little Pro Tools
cleanup and a touch of reverb,
the CD of “Petra Haden Sings:
The Who Sell Ou ” was released

[See Haden, Page A24]

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RICHARD HARTOG Los Angeles Times
ALBU M: Petra Haden’s voice emulates every instrumental and vocal line of the original.
“I ’m kind of nervous about what these die-hard Whofans are going to think, ” she says.