October 27, 2020

2007-02-09 – The Desert Sun

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Who’s going on tour? The Who will be hitting the road

In 2006, The Who released its Townshend and Daltrey per-

first studio album in 24 years, formed a four~song acoustic set.
“Endless Wue.” 'lhe perfonnance was broadcast on

Last November, the group —— led the Internet, and the group answered
by surviving members Pete Town- questions from fans and ioumahsts.
shend, 61, and Roger Daltrey, 62 The group ’5 l4—counu'y arena tour
—— showcased its new songs in In- begins May 8 in Lisbon, Portugal,
dian Wells, launching what has and ends July 9 in Helsinld, Finland

turned into an “endless tour.” Membem said they planned to keep
On Thursday, The Who mem- touring after Europe. “We’re playing
bers showed 03' their renewed because Roger wanted to pmve to

fighting form at a London press all you cynical pness people he could
conference where they announced still do this,” Townshend joked.
plans for a 28-city European tour. — WIRE REPORTS