October 24, 2020

2007-03-02 – Journal and Courier

2007 03 02 Journal_and_Courier_Fri__Mar_2__2007_

The Who in Indy

TUESDAY: Those who know The Who
from CSI's opening credits should cancel
all plans for Tuesday night. While half of
the original members have passed on to
the great gig in the sky, Pete Townshend
and Roger Daltrey are keeping 40 years
of music alive by embarking on The
Who's first world tour in more than 20

Photo provided years. The band known for "My Genera-
Pete Townshend (left) and tion" and “Pinball Wizard" will make a
Roger Daltrey rare Indiana appearance in Indianapolis'

Conseco Fieldhouse. The Who exploded

out of the British rock, rhythm and blues, and mod scenes with teen-
age anthems aplenty. By the 19705, The Who ballooned to an arena-
rock success with the magic combination of Townshend, Daltrey, stoic
bassist John Entwistle and maniacal drummer Keith Moon.

When: 7:30 pm. Tuesday

Where: Conseco Fieldhouse, downtown Indianapolis

How much: $53.50 and $83.50; call (765) 743-5151 or visit www.

ticketmastemom for tickets.