October 29, 2020

2007-03-14 – Tampa Bay Times

2007 03 14 Tampa_Bay_Times_Wed__Mar_14__2007_

Times [’01) Musu' enm-

'I‘AMPA — As if fighting
Father Time isn’t hard enough
for aging rockers, another
nasty foe felled British legends
the Who at Ford Amphitheatre
'ltiesday: bronchitis.

After less than a minute
of the opening song I Can’t
Ezwlain, guitarist Pete Town-
shend waved off the band,
the group fell silent and ail-
ing singer Roger Daltrey, 63,
promptly walked off the stage.

After a few minutes of dis-
cussion in the shadows — and
with the crowd of 9.000 mur-
muring restrained dissent —
Townshend returned to the
stage and canceled the show.

This was the first show the
Who have canceled like this in
+0 years, according to Simon
lbwnshend. Pete‘s brother,
who also plays in the band.

“1 just talked to Roger and
he can barely speak," 61-year-
old Pete 'l‘tmt'nshend told the
crowd. “I tried to get him to
come out here, but he‘s really,
really sick.”

'l‘(,)wnshend said the cause
was “bronchitis.” although
band officials did not confirm
Dalti‘ey’s malady.

Perhaps calming,r the
masses. 'l‘ownshend quickly
announced that the show has
been rescheduled for March
25 at Ford i‘unphitheati‘e.
Tuesday’s tickets will be hon-
ored for that show. Refunds
also will be available at point

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.;.. 7‘ ‘ “‘ ., ‘3" ‘
_, -.._.-.-.___ . < v_‘.. ~,-......-—.. ,. _, DOUGLAS R. CLIFFORD | Times The Who’s Pete Townshend apologizes after halting Tuesday's concert when singer Roger Daltrey left with bronchitis. Bit hard to explain Singer Roger Daltrey’s bronchitis forces the Who to cancel. DOUGLAS RCLIFFORD I Times A stunned crowd awaits the final word on the show, which was rescheduled for March 25. of purchase. Refunds will be granted until March 25. As fans of the band wan»- dei‘ed out of the venue. there were scattered boos and dejected harrumphs, but for the most part, the crowd was collectively understamling. “"lventy—five years ago, we would have had a riot,” said Joe. Baekes, 45, a big Who fan from Spring llill. “We’re older and more mellow now.“ Backes said he would return March 25, as would his wife. lVIargaret Perreira, +9. “I’m definitely coming back," she said. “I just feel bad for Roger." Bradenton’s Riek Spahn, F0, and his 16-year-old son, Ste- ven Spahn, who have bonded over the band during classie- rocking car rides, were equally sympathetic, but also a little “bummed.” “I’ve been a Who fan since I was 17, so I've been wait- ing,” Rick said. “But I’m glad they’re coming back to do it zltgain.” As to the crowd’s relatively calm reaction to the cancella- tion. son Steven smiled and said. “It could have been a lot worse.” Formed 40-plus years ago, the W110, along with the Roll- ing Stones and the Beatles, helped spearhead the indus- try-shaking British Invasion. Ironically, as the band tried to play I Can't Ettplain on Tues- day night, blaek-and-white images of the boys in their 1965 salad days flashed on a video screen behind them. Go figure: The Who famously sang about hoping to “die before I get old.” They never said anything about hoping for bronchitis. Semi Duly run be reached (1! .‘s‘(./(l/!/@W])fill!(’$.('()‘171 or (7.7) 893-8467. I I is Pop 1,1]? blog is (1! N(lgs.((1m]NIh(ly.('()lII/p()])lll11311”.