October 24, 2020

2008-02-14 – The Morning Star

2008 02 14 The_Morning_Star_Thu__Feb_14__2008_

The Who plan
new album,
festival shows


British rockers The Who

have begun mulling their
next album, on the heels of
2006’s Endless Wire, their
first new disc in 24 years.

According to a post on
TheWho.com from Pete
Townshend, the band is
considering working with
producer T-Bone Bumet.

“I am hoping to come up
with some songs for a more
conventional Who record,”
Townshend wrote.

The Who may also play
“some shows in the festival
season this summer,”
Townshend said. “I would
want to do that purely for
fun, and I don’t want to turn
it into a big tour.”