October 21, 2020

2008-03-07 – Chicago Tribune

2008 03 07 Chicago_Tribune_Fri__Mar_7__2008_

Pete Townshend and
the exploding drum kit

Q: Is it true that Pete Townshend’s hear-

ing was damaged by an explosives effect
when The Who performed on “The Smoth-

ers Brothers Comedy Hour" in 1967?

A: It’s true. During rehearsal, the explo-

sives didn’t go off as planned in Keith
Moon’s drum kit, Tommy Smothers says,

so Moon “sneaks down, puts another load
in, then the union guy puts a load in.” So,
there were three sets of explosives in the
kit. During the show, “Townshend smash-
es his guitar, he smashes it again, and his
head was right there by the drum kit
When the explosive went off.” Check out