October 26, 2020

2008-03-28 – The Tennessean

2008 03 28 The_Tennessean_Fri__Mar_28__2008_


Ukulele Society
lauds Townshend

Caution, baby boomers: If
you prefer to have Pete
Townshend remain fixed in
your memory as the guitar—
smashingr hero of the British
rock band The Who, skip this

Otherwise, head to the offi—
cial blog of the Nashville
Ukulele Society at
nashukesblog5pot.com to
see a Video of old — and 1 do
mean old — Pete Townshend
banging out the song “Blue,
Red and Grey” 0n the diminu—
tive instrument most often
associated With Hawaiian
crooner Don Ho.

“Pete Townshend has long
been one of my heroes, and
I’ve always especially loved
this song, even before I ever
thought of learning to play the
ukulele,” wrote blogger “Ted-

“I’m charmed AN D dis—

mayed by his having to wear

reading glasses,” the post con-
tinues. “AND that he has to be

reading the music, but it is an
old song.”

Blog decries city's
short yellow lights

Nashville ranked sixth
worst on a national list of

cities With short yellow traffic
lights, according to an item on
musiccitybloggerscom that

linked to the list on
The auto biog

ialopnikcom claims that
beyond being a pain for driv-
ers, cities are using the short
yellow light to “pickpocket”
unsuspecting motorists by
slapping them With a ticket for
running a red light.

“We’ll be happy when the
states figure out how to run
their respective governments
Without traffic fines acting as
unlevied taxes against the citi-
zens,” the blog proclaims.

Chattanooga, by the way,
ranked first on motoristsorg