October 21, 2020

2010-02-12 – The Tampa Tribune

2010 02 12 The_Tampa_Tribune_Fri__Feb_12__2010_

Curtis Ross


Watching The Who perform
during halftime at the Super Bowl
on Sunday, it occurred to me that,
even down to The Two. this band
defines rock 'n’ roll in a way no
other hand does.

Arrogant, stubborn, and not so
much laughing in the face of
reason as punching it in the nose,
The Who never stumble when ‘
they can fall flat on their arses,
and they never succeed when
they can obliterate the competi-

. Look no further than the
band's post—“Tommy” project,
the never-completed “Lifehouse.”
one of the most muddled and
misunderstood concepts in rock
history. But from that failure The
Who pulled 1971's “Who’s Next,"
as fine a candidate for rock's best
album as any you could pick

U2 was the perfect choice for
the post-9/ll Super Bowl, while
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
showed just how powerful
stripped down rock 'n’ roll can
be. '

But although just about any
other band would be honored to
be there, The Who played as
though the pleasure was all ours.

No matter how bald and jowly
Pete Townshend gets. he contin-
ues to attack his guitar with a
vengeance. He may not have
smashed his Fender Sunday
night, but it probably still needed
medical attention afterward.

, Daltrey is, quite simply, the
greatest rock singer ever: tough,
dramatic and still capable of pin-
ning you to the wall with that

, howl — halfvictorious, half n'ght-
eOusly angry — that climaxed
"Won't Get Fooled Again. "

In short, The Who played Sun-
day night as though there had
never been a better band before
them and would never be a better

‘ band after them. And for those 12

minutes, it was hard to argue.