December 5, 2020

2010-02-21 – The Honolulu Advertiser

2010 02 21 The_Honolulu_Advertiser_Sun__Feb_21__2010_

Hard Rock and The Who

Legendary London rockers The Who are
having a big month; in addition to perform-
, ing, during halftime at the Super Bowl. Pete
Townshend and Roger Daltrey have now
added “fashion designer" to their list of
credits, launching Hard Rock Internation-
al’s The Who signature series: Edition
XXVII T—shirt.
Proceeds from sales of the
T-shirt will go to The Who's
Chosen charity" (Iity of Hope,
a biomedical research and
treatment facility dedicated
to the prevention and cure
of cancer and other life-
threatening illnesses.
The shirt. in men‘s
sizes. sells for $26;
there's also a limited-edi-
tion pin ($12). available at
all Hard Rock Cafes and
online at www.hardrm'k

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