October 24, 2020

2010-02-25 – The Tennessean

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Two members of rock
royalty under one roof

Eric Clapton will be at Sommet Center with Roger Daltrey of The Who. EVAN AGOSTINI

It goes Without saying that
these two British rock vets
have incredible legacies that
stretch back to the ’608. So let’s
instead tip a hat to the fact that
they remain ubiquitous pop
culture figures in 2010.

Even B—year—olds Who might
not be hip to Clapton’s trove of

classic rock gems (“Layla,”
“Sunshine of Your Love”)
surely have “I’ve Got a Rock
’N’ Roll Heart” stuck in their
heads, thanks to that unavoid-
able cell phone commercial.
Meanwhjle, Daltrey and
Who bandmate Pete Town—

shend performed a medley of

the band’s biggest hits at this
year’s Super Bowl, and Dal-
trey has been pulling out fine
renditions of those tunes as a
solo act, with a backing band
that includes Pete’s brother,
Simon, on guitar. — DP

7:30 pm. Sat, Feb. 27, Sommet Center
(501 Broadway, 770-7825), $52-$92