October 22, 2020

2010-03-05 – The Central New Jersey Home News

2010 03 05 The_Central_New_Jersey_Home_News_Fri__Mar_5__2010_


Who likes English composer Henry
Purcell? Why, the Who, whose Pete
Townshend admitted that Purcell’s
work influenced Who hits like “Won’t
Get Fooled Again” and “I Can See for
Miles.” Now, the Music at Saint Ber-
nard’s series presents a Lenten con-
cert by the St. Bernard’s Choir and the
Philadelphia Brass Ensemble titled
“From Death unto Life!,” and it fea-
tures many of Purcell’s works, includ-
ing “Music for the Funeral of Queen
Mary.” There something about Mary
for Purcell. And there’s something
about Purcell for the Who.

“From Death unto Life!"
featurin tlpe St. Bernard’s Choir
and the hlladelphia Brass
Ensem ble, 3 pm. Sunday, St.
Berna rd ’3 E iscopal Church, 88
Claremont oad, Bernardsville.

$10. 908« 766- 0602.
_-. Chris Jordan