October 27, 2020

2012-04-06 – South Florida Sun Sentinel

2012 04 06 South_Florida_Sun_Sentinel_Fri__Apr_6__2012_

J im Marshall, made guitar
amps used by rock legends


LONDON — Jim Mar-
shall, dubbed the “Lord of
Loud” for his pioneering
work on guitar amplifiers
used by some of the greatest
names in rock music, has
died at 88.

A spokeswoman for the
company he founded said
he passed away in Milton
Keynes, England, on Thurs-
day morning. She could not
confirm reports that he had
been suffering from cancer
and had a series of strokes.

“It is with profound sor-
row that we announce the
passing of our beloved
founder and leader for the
past 50 years, Jim Mar—
shall,” said a statement on
his company’s website.
“While mourning the
Guv’nor though, we also sa-
lute a legendary man who

led a full and truly remark—
able life.”

Tributes poured in for a
man credited with helping
to shape the sound of guitar

“The news of Jim Mar-
shall passing is deeply sad-
dening,” former Guns N’
Roses guitan'st Slash said in
a message on Written “R &
R will never be the same
w/out him. But his amps
will live on FOREVER!”

IVLr. Marshall is revered
as one of the four fore-
fathers of rock music equip-
ment along with Leo Fend-
er, Les Paul and Seth Lover.

Born in London in 1923,
he started out as a drum—
mer before going into busi—
ness and founding Marshall
Amplification in 1962.

In around 1960, a young
Pete Townshend, later lead
guitarist for The Who, first

suggested to Mr. Marshall
that he expand his music
shop to sell guitars and am-
plifiers as well as drums.

According to an inter-
view Mr. Marshall gave sev-
eral years ago, the London
store quickly turned into a
“rock ‘n’ roll labor ex—
change” and Mr, Marshall
hired an engineer em-
ployed by a record label to
help him build prototype

Mr. Marshall rejected
the first five attempts but
was happy with the sound
of the sixth — he received
23 orders for the new
equipment on the first day

Legendary musicians in—
cluding J imi Hendrix and
Eric Clapton were among
the early Marshall amp