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2012-04-23 – Albuquerque Journal

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Bert Weedon

Guitarist’s Instructional Book Helped Launch Many Rock Stars

The Washington Post.

Bert Weedon, a British gui-
tarist whose popular “Play in
a Day” instructional manual
introduced a generation of
rock ’n’ roll stars to the power
of the guitar, died Apri120 at
his home in Beaconsfield, Eng-
land. He was 91.

Friends confirmed his death
to British news agencies but
did not disclose the cause.

Long before he gained fame
as the author of a top-selling
guide to the guitar, Weedon
was known as a versatile per-
former who could play Virtu-
ally any style of music at a
glance. He performed with

such renowned jazz artists
as Stephane Grappelli and
George Shearing, accompa—
nied singers Frank Sinatra,
Rosemary Clooney and Judy
Garland, and was a regular on
BBC broadcasts in the 19408
and 1950s.

Weedon was an early rock
’n’ roll guitar star in Brit—

ain in the late 1950s, with a
series of instrumental hits
that included “Guitar Boogie
Shuffle,” “Apache” and “Nash-
ville Boogie.” But when his
instructional book was first
published in 1957, he became
something of a spiritual godfa-
ther to a generation of would-
be guitar heroes.

Its title 7 “Play in a Day”
7 offered the hope of instant
musical gratification. The les—
sons began at the most basic
level, with an illustration of
how to hold a guitar.

His guide, which was updat-
ed through the 1980s,s01d mil—
lions of copies, leading Brit-
ain’s Independent newspaper

to call Weedon “the man who
taught the world to play the

Eric Clapton, Mark Knop-
fler, Keith Richards, the
Who’s Pete Townshend and
three of the Beatles 7 George
Harrison, John Lennon and
Paul McCartney 7 studied
Weedon’s book.