October 29, 2020

2013-04-25 – Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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I The Who — as in Pete Townshend,
Roger Daltrey and some ringers — was
here in November to pourwhat’s left of its
youthful energy into an amazing reading of
rock opera “Quadrophenia.”

On Friday, a handful of Wholoving Pitts-
burghers will assemble at Club Cafe in an
attempt to dojustice to its 1969 forerun-
ner, “Tommy.”

The story of the pinball wizard will be
performed by Josh Veibanets (Meeting of
Important People), Guy Russo (Broken
Fences), Nathan Zoob and Max Somer-
ville (Backstabbing Good People), James
Rushin (composer and arranger) and more.

The groundbreaking rock opera —
sporting such classic songs as “I’m Free,”
“Amazing Journey,” “Pinball Wizard” and
“We’re Not Gonna Take It” — had a big
impact on all of these young musicians.

“ ‘Tommy’ was the first album I ever
bought,” Mr. Zoob said in a statement. “I
put the record on my home stereo, turned
the lights out, and closed my eyes. I
didn’t understand the story, but the music
was an epiphany. Nothing in my life was
the same after that.”

“ ‘Tommy’ was my dad’s favorite
album in 1969,” Mr. Verbanets said.
“Thirty years later he was shocked and
confused to find that it was his son’s
favorite record, too. My dad played me
‘Tommy’ on a CD in his car during a trip
one afternoon, and I became addicted to
it immediately.”

Mr. Russo added, “I'm still making dis-
coveries. Townshend's genius is daunting.”

The show is at 7 pm. Tickets are $10
presale (available through Ticketweb.
com), $12 at the door.