October 19, 2020

2015-04-03 – The Los Angeles Times

2015 04 03 The_Los_Angeles_Times_Fri__Apr_3__2015_

A revealing look
at Who history

J ames D. COOper’s color-
fully incisive documentary
“Lambert & Stamp” an-
swers the obvious question
“Who were Lambert &
Stamp?” before proceeding
to pose the considerably
trickier “Were Lambert &
Stamp the Who?”

By way of clarification,
Kit Lambert and Chris
Stamp were friends and
business partners looking
to make an artistic state-
ment in the burgeoning
London scene of the early

Neither Rockers nor
Mods, Lambert, the Oxford-
educated, closeted gay son
of a celebrated symphony
conductor, and Stamp, the
working-class cockney East
Ender younger brother of
actor Terence Stamp, ini-
tially set out to make an
edgy film and ended up
managing a scrappy young

Under their all-encom-
passing tutelage the band
originally billed as the High
Numbers would go on to
international renown as the
Who, and the extent to
Which Lambert & Stamp
can take credit for that
transformation is thought-
fully weighed in this reveal-

Gathered together but
tellingly not all in one place
to provide the articulate
perspective are Stamp (be-
fore his 2012 death) and sur-
viving bandmates Pete
Townshend and Roger Dalt-

Although Lambert, Who
struggled With alcohol and
heroin addiction, died in
1981, his presence is felt in
the rich archival foot age and
the perceptive on-screen ac-
counts that compellingly
demonstrate the alchemy
that can transpire When
kismet and perseverance
intersect at the right time in
the right place.


“Lambert & Stamp.”
MPAA rating: R for lan-
guage, some drug content
and brief nudity. Running
time: 1 hour, 57 minutes.
Playing: At the Landmark,
West Los Angeles.