October 29, 2020

2015-04-07 – The Los Angeles Times

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OIl W110

Kit Lambert and Chris

Stamp set out to make
a film. Instead, they
transformed a band.


Kit Lambert and Chris
Stamp were a class apart.
Lambert was a member
of the aristocracy. His father
was composer—conductor
Constant Lambert. He was
educated at Oxford and was
fluent in several languages.
He was gay but discreet be-
cause homosexuality was 11-
legal in England in the 1960 s.
Stamp was born dirt
poor in London’s tough East
End. The younger brother of
actor Terence Stamp, he
was so unabashedly inter-
ested in women that he once
got a job backstage at the
ballet as a way to meet them.
But despite their differ-
ences, the two bonded work-
ing as assistant film direc-
tors at Shepperton Studios.
[See The Who, E5]