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2015-04-19 – The Des Moines Register

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U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Speaks in Iowa City on April 10. He
came on stage to the song "Baba O'Riley" by The Who.

Paul uses the Who
for entrance music

Republican Rand Paul
came on stage to “Baba

O’Riley,” a 1971 classic by
The Who sometimes
referred to as “Teenage
Wasteland,” for his first

Iowa campaign stop of
his official presidential
campaign on April 10.

In a sit-down inter-
view, The Des Moines
Register asked Paul if
the musical selection was
his doing. “I love that
song,” Paul answered.

Pete Townshend origi-
nally wrote the song for a

rock opera, which ac-
cording to Shmoop.com,
was about a tyrannical
government that forces

people indoors, where
they lose touch with God,
nature and themselves,
before a visionary arises.
Paul told the Register
that when it comes to
music for his campaign
stops, “a lot of them
came off my playlist.”
“That Melanie Fiona
song ‘Bang Bang,’ I like
that song a lot. Other
songs we’ve been playing
— I like a mixture of old
and new. I like ‘Mercy’

by Duffy. It’s a cool song.
Oh, my new favorite’s the

State Radio. Do you know

who that is?”

No, this reporter said.

“Oh, you have to listen
to them. ‘Waitress’ is just
a great song. ‘Calling All
Crows’ is a great song,
too,” Paul said.

Theme songs pump up
the audience.

Hillary Clinton, the
lone announced Demo-

cratic presidential candi-
date in the 2016 race so
far, skipped the pomp
and circumstance for her

campaign kickoff events
last week in Iowa, choos-

in g a more humble, low-
key tone.

“There was no loud
music to rev up the small
audience,” the Wall
Street J ournal noted. “No
introductory speakers
trumpeted her creden-

Singer Katy Perry
tweeted in J une last year:
“I told hillaryclinton that
I would write her a
‘theme’ song if she needs
it...’ @HillaryClinton
tweeted back to Perry,
referring to her 2013
song: “You already did!
Keep letting us hear you

— Jennifer Jacobs