October 22, 2020

2017-03-18 – St Louis Post Dispatch

2017 03 18 St__Louis_Post_Dispatch_Sat__Mar_18__2017_

Move over, Wayne Newton

Last week in this space we noted that singer Jimmy Buffett was
Opening a chain of “Margaritaville” retirement homes.
This week we learned that The Who, one of the seminal
bands in rock history, is making plans for a “residency”
in Las Vegas.

The Who, Which still features Pete Townshend,

71, and Roger Daltrey, 73, from the original band that
formed in 19 04, Will play six shows at Caesar’s Palace
from Iuly 29 to Aug. 11. It’s said to be a trial run for a
permanent Vegas gig, sort of like Celine Dion and Wayne Newton.
Wait. Not like Celine Dion and Wayne Newton.

If Branson could attract aging acts like Andy Williams and Tony
Orlando, then Why not Vegas for the aging rock fans? It’s just a
shame that Keith Moon, the Who’s original drummer, died in 107 8.
The Vegas strip has 02,000 hotel rooms that he could have de -