October 22, 2020

2017-03-23 – The Courier Journal

2017 03 23 The_Courier_Journal_Thu__Mar_23__2017_

History’s most gruespme
rock’ n’ roll onstage injuries

ouisville was
supposed to wel-
come one of the
world’s great live
acts this week in Quin-
tron and Miss Pussycat,
the New
duo that
rock ‘n’
roll dance
jams with
But a
for an
brought bad news.

“Hi There,” read an
email from Miss Pussy-
cat. “Unfortunately
Quintron broke his arm
during Mardi Gras and
the show is canceled.

Doon‘r onvw-rr fkaf urn


2. The Who, “The
Smothers Brothers
Comedy Hour,” 1967

Pete Townshend’s
hearing was never going
to survive The Who, but
his troubles began when
drummer Keith Moon
packed his kick drum
full of explosives for a
performance of “My
Generation.” Television
screens went white as
his drums exploded and
Townshend later said
that was the beginning
of his hearing problems.

1. James Hetfield,
Montreal, 1992

Walking into a geyser
of 3,000—degree flame is
always going to win. The
Metallica singer got
confused and stepped
forward instead of back
just as a 12-foot geyser