January 19, 2021

Blue Red And Grey

Recorded in May. This track features Pete singing solo accompanied by himself on ukulele, together with John on brass playing his own silver band arrangement. A group version of ‘Blue Red and Grey’ was also recorded but unfortunately the tapes of this have gone missing.

[Pete: "Glyn Johns wanted it on the album. I cringed when he picked it. He heard it on a cassette and said, ‘What’s that?’ I said, ‘Nothing.’ He said, ‘No. Play it.’ I said, ‘Really, it’s nothing. Just me playing a ukulele.’ But he insisted on doing it. I said, ‘What? That fucking thing? Here’s me wanting to commit suicide and you’re going to put that thing on the record?’"

This track was cross-faded into the track preceding it on the 1996 remix. They were completely separate on the original LP.]