October 25, 2020


John: "[Of his three tracks for It’s Hard] I think the one I like best is ‘Dangerous’, not so much for the words, just for the actual backing track which was really nice to do."

Tim Gorman was in a San Francisco cult band called Lazy Racer which had an album produced by Glyn Johns. When Pete said he was looking for a new keyboard player, Johns played him the Lazy Racer album. Pete liked what he heard, so Johns called Gorman in San Francisco and told him he was now a member of The Who! He continued to play with The Who through their 1982 tour. John "Rabbit" Bundrick, The Who’s usual keyboardist from 1979 on was not in The Who at the time. He had been fired after a violent, drunken incident in the summer of 1981. He was reinstated in Pete’s solo band Deep End after The Who’s 1983 breakup. Gorman went on to play with Paul Kantner in the late 1980’s and with Jefferson Starship in the early 1990’s. On the 1997 CD version of It’s Hard there is a reprise of the bass/organ duet from 1’13 to 1’28 that was cut on the original and an echo is added to Roger’s voice starting at 2’26 that wasn’t in the original mix. Click here to see the original lyric sheet: Dangerous.

The line "back to the stone age" is a reference to an infamous remark made by U.S. General Curtis LeMay in 1965 that in response to aggression by North Vietnam, the U.S. should "bomb them back to the stone age."