October 23, 2020

Dreaming From The Waist

Aside from ‘Squeeze Box,’ ‘Dreaming From The Waist’ was the only track from The Who By Numbers to be played regularly on stage, where it gained eminence as a vehicle for John’s extraordinary bass playing. Originally titled ‘Control Myself,’ and recorded in May.

[played live through the 1975-1976 tours, then revived for the 1979-1981 tours.]


This live version also appears on the boxset 30 Years of Maximum R&B [edited to 4’08. Since the song wasn’t a hit, it was barely tolerated by the huge stadium audiences The Who played to during these tours. Now, many Who fans consider it one of their best live songs. Another live version can be found on the 30 Years of Maximum R&B video (1975). In addition to the three Swansea tracks here, a live version of "My Wife" from this show also appears on the boxset].