October 28, 2020


Pete Townshend: "…the song is  based on the continuation of the ‘Method’ music way of creating individual  pieces of music dictated by parameters and information from individuals, which I  first explored in the ‘Lifehouse’ project in the early Seventies. ‘Fragments’ is  based on the initial experiments with composer Lawrence Ball who helped create a  software system and website. The Method has been a recurring theme of mine over the years and I returned to it in my novella ‘The Boy Who Heard Music’ in which 3 young people form a band called The Glass Household, and the song ‘Fragments’  is their first big hit."

Co-author Lawrence Ball is a composer and musician of the "minimalist" style (he cites Terry Riley as an influence) who is also a highly sought-after mathematics and physics tutor. His website is located here. "Fragments" had its live premiere performed by The Who Sept. 12, 2006 and was the first song of new material performed during shows for the remainder of the Endless Wire tour. The background screens accompanying the song showed waves crashing on rocks. Pete opened his "Method" website, using the same computer program that generated the music in "Fragments," to the general public May 1, 2007. It is located here.