October 22, 2020

God Speaks of Marty Robbins

Pete: "Very simple song. God is asleep, before Creation – before the Big Bang – and gets the whim to wake, and decides it could be worth going through it all in order to be able to hear some music, and most of all, one of his best creations, Marty Robbins." Pete also wrote about the origin of the song on his website Nov. 29, 2005: "I am going to show The Theme of Creation on TowserTV…This is a film made by Tim Thelen about Meher Baba’s extraordinary (and somewhat baffling) book God Speaks in which he explains the Universe. The film closes with a guitar piece I wrote called Marty Robbins. Tim’s film really helps me get to grips with what the book is conveying about our human function. I have since written words for the piece, that I’ve rechristened "God Speaks – through Marty Robbins." When I’ve done a vocal on it I’ll post it."

Marty Robbins was a well-known Country & Western artist from Arizona who won the first Grammy for a C&W song, "El Paso." He also had the first hit record featuring fuzz-tone guitar, "Don’t Worry," in 1961 and became one of country music’s giants long before his death in 1982. This song originally appeared as an instrumental demo called "Marty Robbins" recorded by Pete in June 1984 and included on his Scoop 3 album. The song had its live premiere performed by Pete on an In The Attic webcast at Oceanic Studios Dec. 17, 2005. In Pete’s liner notes, the title contains a comma: "God Speaks, Of Marty Robbins." Although not otherwise listed as related to the piece, this song was included in the 2007 theatrical workshop version of The Boy Who Heard Music, sung by the characters of Gabriel and Ray High.