January 16, 2021

I Can’t Reach You

Recorded in London on or prior to July 5, 1967.

[Pete: “This is one of the first songs I wrote on the piano, despite its simplicity (caused by my inability to play!), it makes me sit up because again, the chords I discovered are those that still please me, and I still use them. ‘Pure and Easy’ has similar chord shapes I think. It’s easy to be clever looking back, but since I’ve made public the fact that Meher Baba is believed to be the ‘Avatar’ (Messiah) by his followers, and that I heard of him in late ’67, (soon after this song was written) I can say without pretensions that I was looking for someone.” This song was originally called “See, Feel, Hear You.” The track was released as a single in Australia backed with ‘Our Love Was.’]