October 19, 2020

It’s Not Enough

Pete: "Watching Mépris, the ‘60s film by Lean Luc Godard starring Bridget Bardot, I found myself wondering why it is that we choose people to partner who we feel aren’t quite right. Bardot asks her lover, ‘Do you adore my legs?’ He nods. ‘My breasts?’ He nods. ‘My arms?’ He nods. She goes over her entire body. He nods every time. When she’s finished she gets up and tells him, ‘It’s not enough’. Co-author Rachel Fuller: "The track that’s gone to radio from the Who album, funnily enough, is ‘It’s Not Enough.’ I wrote that. I don’t know how Who fans are going to feel about that [laughs]. It’s a song that I had written and recorded with my band, and Pete said, ‘I think this would make a really good Who track — can I have it?’ He didn’t use the lyrics I originally had on the song. So I suppose you could say that I wrote the music, and he wrote the lyrics."

The movie Le Mépris (1963) is best known in the English-speaking world under the title Contempt. It concerns a French screenwriter who loses his wife’s respect when he sells out to a crass American producer (Jack Palance). The scene Pete refers to above is the movie’s second scene, included at producer Carlo Ponti’s insistence in order to provide some Brigitte Bardot nudity. However, the scene does not end as Pete describes above but rather with the writer declaring his love and Bardot’s character agreeing. "It’s Not Enough" was released in the U.S. and U.K. as a promotional CD credited as "Chris Lord-Alge Mix." CD singles pressed in the U.K. feature an extended guitar part unavailable elsewhere and clocks at 4’08. Although not otherwise listed as related to the piece, this song was included in the 2007 theatrical workshop version of The Boy Who Heard Music, sung by Gabriel, Josh and Leila.