October 21, 2020

Mike Post Theme

Pete: "Who songs have been used recently for TV shows. I thought a lot about why there are people who feel that isn’t a cool thing to do. Mike Post is a man who has written a number of TV themes that I feel have created a kind of regular sparkle in my life — they have reminded me that life comes one day at a time, and that it is truly the little things in life (like soap operas on TV) that help ease the big troubles. The larger theme in the background of this song is the statement that we are no longer strong enough or young enough to love. In a very real way, movies, novels and TV series do help us to express selfless emotions as we once did when we were in love. Men cry quietly watching TV and movies, women maybe a little more openly, but when we do that we are reconnecting with our innocent and free-flowing feelings. If only we could still do that with the principle lover in our lives."

From an interview with Mercury News: "TV series, and their theme tunes, do two impossible things: They defy time and ageing by allowing us to live forever vicariously in the characters we watch, but they remind us that time is passing, show by show, week by week. When I first came to the U.S. in 1967, I Love Lucy was always on TV somewhere. When I saw her pretty face, I was reminded how much older she must have become, how much younger I was (then) than she. Today the same shows remind me I have overtaken her TV persona. There is a valuable poignancy there that is not sentimental in any way, and yet reaches to the heart of human vulnerability. Mike Post’s theme from Hill Street Blues reminds me that once I associated the sound with a cop who couldn’t deal with his drink problem. Now I hear it and I remember a brother, for pretty soon I was facing the same problem."

From an interview with the St. Petersburg Times (Florida): "TV music lives in a different pocket to other pop music. It is ubiquitous and perennial, and we are constantly revisited by music from other eras as series are rehashed over and over. This cycle of new and old music, woven into the ordinary rhythm of our daily lives, creates a real sense of timelessness. When we hear the theme from M.A.S.H. we remember so many aching feelings – of course we are reminded of the Vietnam war, but at the same time of how old we were, and in my case how apolitical I was about it all, who we were in love with, where we lived. We grow older and hopefully wiser, but the music remains the same."

"Mike Post Theme" was first played live by The Who in their return performance at Leeds University June 17, 2006. The composer Mike Post has won an Emmy and five Grammys and had two Top Ten singles in the U.S., "Theme from ‘The Rockford Files’" and "Theme from ‘Hill Street Blues’." He is four months younger than Pete and is reported pleased with the salute from his fellow TV-theme composer.