October 26, 2020

Mirror Door

Pete: "The three pursue their own dream: to perform an extraordinary elaboration of their children’s play in Central Park in New York that is webcast to the entire world for charity, and during which they demonstrate Ray’s idea to ‘turn everyone into music’. Where there was once a small puppet theatre stage, there is now a massive one; where there was once a small stairway to the back of the stage, there is now a stairway hoisted by blimps that seems to reach into the heavens. The band play, it becomes clear that there are terrorists on the streets trying to distract from the celebration, but the show goes on. At the top of the stairway appear gathered a series of legendary singers from popular music, all dead. A shot rings out and the tragedy is established. Josh, a paranoid schizophrenic, has stopped taking his medication and grabbed a pistol from someone and shot Gabriel. We cannot help our own. He ascends the stairway to join the dead. Even now, it is not clear whether this particular series of events actually takes place.

"It will be noted that one of the listed names of deceased singing geniuses (Doris Day) is still alive. In show-biz heaven, behind the ‘Mirror Door’ no one ever really dies (it is rather like an after-show pub gathering). FRAGMENTS, the kid’s biggest hit, becomes a moment to look back and celebrate life, death, breath, creation, science, physics, maths, literature and growth."

Pete elaborated on the meaning of this song in an Oct. 16, 2006 interview with Rachel: "’Mirror Door’ which is really a poetic description of what I think happens when people go to concerts. I think if we’re there to see a band, if it’s a really great concert, we become caught up in the music, and hopefully if we forget ourselves for long enough, when the music stops, we’ll find ourselves thinking, ‘Something has happened.’ And I don’t mean that the band has made us better people, or that the band’s music has raised us up. I mean that we, in the audience, have in a sense meditated. They will, in a sense, been able to escape from ‘time’ for a period. And in our knowledge, in our ability that we can do that, we learn a lot about ourselves, and so in a way, we learn about what we need, and what we enjoy. And the fact that we do it at a concert, in other words, with the company of other people, we share that, it’s what makes it so special."


Included in the live version of the mini-opera.


"Mirror Door" was also released as a promo single in the U.K. with no crowd noise and less reverb than was used on the Wire & Glass EP. It was later re-released there using the album version without the crowd noise. This version was also issued as promos in Australia, Denmark and Israel.