October 30, 2020

Somebody Saved Me

Pete Townshend: "I used to get suicidal about broken relationships with people I didn’t even like. I always kind of thought, well, ‘This is God’s grace’. He fixed it up so I told this girl [with whom Pete was in love with in art school] so many lies that I couldn’t get close to her. She went off with another guy and a couple of weeks later she dropped him and went back with her boyfriend. If she’d dropped me the way she dropped him, I would have killed myself. I often used to survive things simply by virtue of the fact that I badly mishandled them."

This girl was also the inspiration for "We Close Tonight." Sunnyside Road was the street where Pete and Richard Barnes shared a flat in art school. This song eventually appeared on Pete’s 1982 solo album All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes.