October 21, 2020

Sound Round

Pete: "The first song from Wire & Glass, a ‘Mini-Opera’, ten songs that comprise the principle music composed so far for the novella The Boy Who Heard Music. A young man (the young Ray High) is driving a large camper bus with extreme air-con around an Estuary close to a large Power Station. He can see that the sea is swarming with a plague of jellyfish encouraged by the over-heated sea water (this is based on something that happened around 1971 in the Blackwater Estuary in Essex). He stops and looks at the water, throws a stick for his dog, who he has to rescue. In the sky he sees the future – nothing ecological or apocalyptic, more a vision of a society strangled by wire and communications."

Included in the live version of the mini-opera that had its live premiere by The Who at Leeds University June 17, 2006.