July 28, 2021

Two Thousand Years

Pete: "This is one of the three songs I wrote after watching The Passion of the Christ. This one is about the fact that Judas may not have been acting to betray Christ at all, but precisely following his instructions. He waits two thousand years for us to consider this a possibility. We wait two thousand years for the New Christ. We need a lot of patience." Pete from In The Attic: "The song is about waiting for Jesus to come two thousand years and, of course, he’s been a couple of times already but we missed it because we’ve been looking for a man with a beard and actually he was in Iran and his name was Mohammed but we missed him and a few others probably in between as well."

The song performed by Pete solo had its live premiere on an In The Attic webcast March 22, 2006. Could one be forgiven thinking this is an answer song to all those who complained about waiting twenty-four years for a new Who album? Try waiting 2000 years for a messiah!