July 28, 2021

You Better You Bet

Pete Townshend: "’You Better You Bet’ was a very spontaneous lyric. A fairly spontaneous, peppy song; it’s a pop song, really, it’s just a pop song."

T-Rex, the group headed by Marc Bolan, started out as John’s Children which was one of the first groups signed to The Who’s Track Records. They often opened for The Who in the mid-late 1960’s. The arpeggio synth track is performed on a Yamaha E70 home organ. Released as a single in the U.K. February 27, 1981 backed with "The Quiet One". It reached #9. In the U.S., the single hit the Billboard charts on March 21, 1981 reaching #18 (#15 inCash Box). This version, edited to 3’58, was The Who’s last Top Twenty single. Pete recorded the original demo of the song in March 1980. It later appeared on his solo album Another Scoop.

The Who first performed it live January 25, 1981 on the first date of their U.K. tour and it has remained a live staple ever since. Live versions appear on the 1989 The Who/Live featuring the Rock Opera ‘Tommy’ video, the 1990 Join Together album and The Who & Special Guests Live at the Royal Albert Hall video (2000). The Who also mimed to the single on their last appearance on BBC’s Top Of The Pops March 5, 1981 and the spare, black-and-white music video, their first to appear on MTV, can be found on the Who’s Better Who’s Best video. This track is 5’32 on the 1997 remix. According to R. Rowley, the background music is played on a Yamaha E70 organ. Click here for more details.