October 28, 2021

Today in Whostory: 1/01/2021

1966 – The Who play the Trade Union Hall in Watford

1966 – In Melody Maker Roger participates in “Blind Date” in which pop stars rate their fellows’ records without being told who has recorded them.

1966 – Chris Stamp makes a short film featuring The Who playing live inside an empty Marquee Club.

1966 – Record Mirror contains a letter calling a recent Who performance “the most appalling, sound-soaked, electronic drivel we have ever heard.”


We went to a local dance to see the Who, in view of the widespread publicity and popularity of the group, we expected an excellent performance. But after an irritating 20 minute wait while vast and totally unnecessary speakers were staggered into place, obscuring the whole stage, the group made their appearance. After some token hysterics by half-wits in the front, we were treated to some of the most appalling, sound-soaked, electronic drivel we have ever heard. Musical sense, professionalism, sound balance, entertainment value were nil. The whole object seems to be to make as much painful sound in a small place as was physically possible. If this truly laughable performance is the ultimate to be achieved from Marshall amps, Rickenbacker guitars and Fender basses, we’ll have much pleasure in selling ours to the first person to send us a five-shilling postal order. —
N.P. Moor, B. Russell, A. Holmes, D. Lawson, T. Moore and others. Church View, 45 City Road, Norwich

1967 – This months Beat Instrumental features several Who references:

Beat Instrumental’s 1966 Gold Star Awards has The Who as best “Group on Stage”, Keith as best Drummer, Pete as 9th best Lead Guitarist, John as 5th best Bass Guitarist.

A Marshal ad mentions The Who as a customer.

An article entitled “New Who Grooves … Spiders…Runs…& Quick Ones”

A short mention of Pete’s Rickenbacker going “missing”

A Premier ad featuring Keith

1968 – This month’s Beat Instrumental features 3 Who references

BI’s Chart Fax lists “I Can See For Miles” as number 19

A Brief article entitled “Transport Problem For The Who”

The Kieth Moon Column

1968 – Beat Instrumental carries The Keith Moon Column as well as a brief article entitled “Transport Problem For The Who”. I Can See For Miles is #19 in the “BI’s Chart Fax”

1974 – Keith, returning from a New Year’s Eve party at Ringo Starr’s home, crashes his Rolls Royce Corniche through a hedge and a chain link fence in the school at the end of his drive.

1976 – Rolling Stone magazine carries an article entitled “Who Split? They Can Explain” by Cameron Crowe. Also featured is a review of The Who in Houston on November 20th, 1975 entitled “The Who: Losing the Spark after a G-G-Generation?” by Dave Marsh