Today in Whostory: 1/04/2020

1963 – The Detours play the Grand Ballroom in Kent

1965 – The Who play their last Monday night gig at The Red Lion in Leytonstone

1968 – The Who head into CBS Studios, London to record Pete’s new composition “Faith In Something Bigger.” The first of Pete’s blatantly religion-inspired songs is intended for the next album but remains unreleased for almost seven years.

1970 – Keith travels to Hatfield to preside over the opening of a disco at the Cranbourne Rooms adjoining the Red Lion pub. Accompanying him is his wife Kim, his friend and drummer for the Bonzo band “Legs” Larry Smith and his girlfriend, all driven by Keith’s chauffeur Neil Boland. A large number of skinheads show up at the disco and after Keith and his entourage leave and get in Keith’s Bentley, they attack the car, surrounding it, throwing pennies and stones. Against the yelled requests of those in the car, Boland gets out to try to clear a path and is quickly set upon by the crowd. Keith, in a panic, scoots under the wheel to try to get them out of danger and stomps on the gas propelling the car forward while Smith tries to steer from the backseat since Keith cannot drive. The car travels 100 yards down the road to another social club where they stop to get help. When Keith gets out, a van driver tells him someone is under the car. Keith looks. It is Boland, pinned under the car, his head crushed. By the next day the tabloid press are having a field day telling the one about the rich, drunken rock star who ran over his chauffeur.

1971 – Without public notice, The Who set up equipment to test out the acoustics and arrangements at the Young Vic Theatre in south London prior to the inauguration of Pete’s new project. Deciding they need a test case audience, the doors are opened and passers-by are invited in.

1981 – ITV in the U.K. airs a special consisting of highlights from the 1979 Concerts For The People Of Kampuchea. The Who are shown performing “Sister Disco,” “Behind Blue Eyes” and “See Me Feel Me.”

1992 – The animated short film The Real Story Of Happy Birthday To You is released. Roger voices the character “Barnaby the Stablehand.”

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