December 6, 2021

Today in Whostory: 1/10/2019

1970 – Melody Maker publishes an interview with Pete by Chris Welch. He discusses the future of Tommyand his plans to produce an album by a group formed around his old art school friend Andy Newman.

1973 – th appears in Chertsey Court were he pleads guilty to possessing a firearm without a license. The firearm in question is an antique shotgun that Keith says was left at his house by the former owners. He is fined 15 pounds

1974 – e, John and Keith record backing tracks for “I’m Free” and “Pinball Wizard” for the Tommy soundtrack. Pete rejects them because “they came out sounding like a cliche.”

1994 – Westwood One in the U.S. broadcasts their show BBC Classic Tracks featuring The Who’s songs for the B.B.C.

2007 – e participates in a demo radio version of his partner Rachel Fuller’s In The Attic. He performs “No Name, No Face, No Number.” Nothing further is heard of the radio version of the show.