Today in Whostory: 1/21/2020

1964 – The Detours play the Oldfield Hotel in Greenford

1966 – The Who play the Glenlyn Ballroom in Forest Hill

1967 – “Happy Jack” reaches its U.K. peak at #3.

1967 – Brian Epstein’s NEMS officially announces their amalgamation with the Robert Stigwood Organization taking over concert bookings for Stigwood’s acts including The Who.

1967 – The Who are scheduled to play Leeds University in Leeds but the show is cancelled when Pete is unable to make it due to running out of gas on the A1. Determined not to miss the show, Pete attempts to trade his guitar for gas. By the time he finally makes it to Leeds, it is too late.

1967 – The Who appear on BBC’s radio programme Saturday Club recorded on the 17th

1967 – Keith Moon’s marriage is completely covered up in an article in Disc and Music Echo. Keith claims to live alone except for a Labrador puppy

1967 – The Who mime to “I’m a Boy,” “Heat Wave” and “Happy Jack” on the TV show Beat Club. The show was recorded on January 15th.

1968 – The Who get a day off the 1968 Australian tour. Roger, Keith and John try water-skiing. Later Keith is given a rental car and, according to Australian tour manager Ron Blackmore, drives it into the lobby of the Park Royal Motel, hands the keys to the bellboy and tells him to park it.

1978 – Billboard magazine puts the budget for The Kids Are Alright movie at $4 million.

1978 – Billboard magazine puts the budget for The Kids Are Alright movie at $4 million

1996 – John Entwistle launches his new solo band The John Entwistle Band at a private party at Tramps in New York City. The band consists of John on bass Steve Luongo on drums Godfrey Townsend (no relation) on guitar and Alan St. Jon on keyboards.

2002 – Pete posts his 1967 U.S. Air Force ad on his website.

2007 – Pete performs “No Name, No Face, No Number” at a tribute concert for Jim Capaldi at the Roundhouse in London.

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