December 1, 2021

Today in Whostory: 11/06/2019

1965 – Record Mirror prints an interview with Pete in which he says the “My Generation “ guy is stuttering because he is “blocked “ [on speed pills].

1965 – The Who play St. George’s Ballroom in Hinckley, Leicestershire

1966 – The Who play the Kongresshalle, in Cologne, Germany

1967 – The Who play the Town Hall in Birmingham

1969 – The Who play the Racoon Creek Rock Festival at the Livingston Gymnasium Indoor Track at Denison University in Granville, Ohio

1970 – More £1-each Backtrack LP’s are released in the U.K. Backtrack 8 is a reissue of A Quick One (mono), Backtrack 9 is The Who Sell Out and Backtrack 14: The Ox is a collection of Who songs all written by John Entwistle

1970 – poor-selling “See Me Feel Me” single on Track is withdrawn and replaced by a Tommy EP. Those who had already bought the single were allowed to exchange it for the EP at the Track Records office. Despite all the deals, the EP also does not make the charts.

1971 – Melody Maker, Pete writes another defense of The Who’s higher ticket prices but apparently runs out of patience and says sarcastically that he only pretends to believe in what he says and is only doing it for the money.

1971 – The Who play the Rainbow Theatre in Finsbury Park, London

1973 – e and Keith appear on the local TV show Look North to apologize for Pete’s actions the previous night and to declare that the tour will continue

1973 – The Who play the second of three nights at the Odeon Cinema in Newcastle

1975 – The Who’s European Continental tour continues with the first of two nights at the Freidrich Ebert Halle in Ludwigshaven, West Germany.

1987 – John and his band, Rat Race Choir are interviewed on Howard Stern‘s radio show in New York. That night or the next sees their first performance of the tour at The Chance in Poughkeepsie.

1996 – The Who continue the first leg of their North American Quadrophenia tour with a performance at the Gund Arena in Cleveland with The Heads opening

1998 – The John Entwistle Band continue their U.S. tour appearing at the City Limits Ballroom in Dodge City, Kansas

2000 – The Who play the Telewest Arena in Newcastle

2001 – k Jagger releases his solo album Goddess In The Doorway featuring Pete playing guitar on the songs “Joy” and “Gun.”

2005 – The Sunday Mirror reports that Roger has slagged Heather Mills McCartney after meeting her backstage at the Live8 event. “She was at Live 8 with a camera…scary…I looked down the barrel and saw her face – and I thought: ‘This is the coldest human being I have met in my whole life’. She was one cold fish”. In turn, Roger also worries for fellow Live 8 performer Pete Doherty: “It’s a waste of a life really – because he’s got talent. He seems to be feeding off it – now he’s become infamous for his drug addiction he seems to think: ‘That’s what I do so I’ve got to do it.’ It’s very sad”.

2007 – zing Journey – The Story of The Who DVD is released in U.S. A 3-DVD special edition includes six additional short documentaries about The Who and video of their December 8, 1979 Chicago concert