Today in Whostory: 11/20/2019

1964 – The Naturals releasee “Look At Me Now” with “It Was You” on the B-side on Parlephone records. “It Was You” is one of Pete’s earliest compositions.

1965 – “My Generation “ backed with “Out In The Street (You’re Gonna Know Me) “ is released in the U.S. It peaks at #74 in Billboard and #99 in Cash Box. Billboard magazine carries a full page ad for the single.

1965 – Disc Weekly carries an article entitled “Who’s Generation”. The Disc Weekley Top 30 features My Genearation at #4.

1965 – The Who play at the Florida Rooms in Brighton.

1965 – Melody Maker has front page story entitle “The Who Split Mystery” suggesting that Roger would replace by Boz Burrell and an additional drummer would be added to the lineup

1967 – The Who Sell Out is cut and banded by Damon Lyon-Shaw at IBC Studio A.

1967 – The Who Sell Out is cut and banded by Damon Lyon-Shaw at IBC Studio A.

1968 – The Who play the Empire Theatre in Liverpool for the last show of the tour. At the end, Kenney Jones of The Small Faces comes out and he and Keith share the drum kit as The Who plays a twenty-minute version of “Magic Bus. “,

1971 – The Who open their second 1971 U.S. tour at the Charlotte (North Carolina) Coliseum. They are the first rock act to sell out this venue. Keith greets the crowd, “It’s nice to see so many people in Charlotte. I didn’t know there WAS this many people in Charlotte! “ The pre-recorded tapes mess up and Pete almost drags Bobby Pridden over the amplifiers.

1971 – Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy hits the U.S. charts. The album, considered by many to be the best-ever Who compilation, is released just as The Who cross over the five-year mark during which five percent of The Who’s record royalties had to be paid to their first producer Shel Talmy as a result of his 1966 lawsuit. Many of the singles, so familiar to The Who’s British and European fans, are heard first here by most U.S. Who fans. The album peaks at #11

1971 – Billboard reports that “Won’t Get Fooled Again” has peaked at #10 in Poland.

1971 – The Who sponsor a Mini Cooper S in the Daily Mirror Rally of Great Britain. Models posed at the starting gate wear Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy t-shirts. The car breaks down in Scotland.

1973 – The Who play at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Before the show, Keith gets dosed with PCP and, after playing groggily throughout the concert, passes out towards the end of the show. Pete calls out for a drummer to replace Keith and 19-year old Scott Halpin is chosen from the audience to take his place. The Who plus Halpin play “Smokestack Lightning, “ “Spoonful “ and “Naked Eye “ before calling it a night. The show is simulcast on radio stations KSAN, KOME and KZAP and unofficially videotaped in black and white by promoter Bill Graham. Keith’s passing out and a short clip of Halpin’s performance are included in the 30 Years Of Maximum R&B video.

1975 – The Who begin their 1975 North American tour in Houston at The Summit. .John Entwistle gets caught between the pincers of Roger telling him to turn his volume down and Pete telling him to turn it up. Frustrated, John smashes the head off his bass in the middle of the last song and walks off the stage. It takes some cajoling to get him to return for the final bow. Tensions are relieved at an after-show party that turns into an orgy. Keith and some others in The Who’s entourage are photographed being orally serviced by topless groupies. The cops are called in and John and stage manager John “Wiggy “ Wolff are arrested for allegedly assaulting the police. John, wearing a Confederate officer’s uniform finds the policeman who has arrested him shares his last name. When John tells him his name is also Entwistle, the policeman thinks John is making fun of him! The two Johns are soon released

1976 – “Substitute” re-issue hits its U.K. chart peak at #7.

1995 – Roger and John were supposed to perform in concert in Offenbach, Germany but the show is cancelled

2006 – The Who play the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida

2012 – The Who play the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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