December 6, 2021

Today in Whostory: 11/26/2019

1963 – The Detours play at the Town Hall in Acton

1965 – The Who play the Wimbledon Palais, in Wimbledon, London

1966 – The Who go into IBC Studios to work on the space filler number Pete has written for the new album. A collection of song snippets pushed together to tell a story of a husband returning home to confront and forgive his cheating wife, “A Quick One While He’s Away “ will become known as the “mini-opera, “ will provide a new title for the album and may have inspired The Beatles’ “A Day In The Life. “ While they are working that afternoon a visitor drops by. Jimi Hendrix and his manager Chas Chandler come in to ask for some equipment advice for the band they are putting together. Keith immediately greets Jimi’s arrival with the cry of “who let that savage in here? “ Pete remembers Jimi as being strangely dressed with wild hair. Nevertheless, Pete shows Jimi The Who’s equipment and Jimi tells Chandler to get him at least one of each.

1966 – Disc & Music Echo has the headline “Who refuse new disc TV plugs”. The Who say they will not be doing television appearances supporting their new single for fear of “TV over-exposure”. In the same issue is a short Pete interview where he says his chief ambitions are to run a “good recording studio” and “write operettas and musicals.”

1967 – The Who play the second of two nights at The Village Theatre in New York City. The Vagrants, with guitarist Leslie West, and The Rich Kids open for them.

1968 – The Who play the Top Rank Ballroom in Southampton with support by the Freddie Mack Show, the Savoy Brown Blues Band, Chris Shakespeare and the Globe

1970 – The Who fail to play the Fillmore North in Newcastle after Roger gets fogged in on the motorway. Pete, John and Keith announce the postponement from the stage.

1971 – The Who play the second of two nights at the Convention Center in Miami Beach

1971 – Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy is released by Track in the U.K

1983 – The Who’s re-release of their 1966 EP Ready Steady Who! hits the charts in Britain. It peaks at #58.

1988 – Who’s Better, Who’s Best is released in U.S. as a CD and a double vinyl album. It features a different cover from the rest of the world and some different mixes. Despite the promotion, the album does not reach Billboard’s Top 200 LP chart.

2002 – The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert from 1992 is released on DVD

2002 – Left For Live: Deluxe Edition is released by Koch Records in the U.S

2012 – Pete signs books at the Old Orchard Center Barnes & Noble bookstore in Skokie, Illinois.