March 9, 2021

Today in Whostory: 12/02/2020

1964 – The Who play The Florida Rooms in Brighton

1965 – The Who again fly to Manchester to appear live on Top of the Pops

1967 – Melody Maker rates the “Magnificent seven: songwriters.” Pete is included with an emphasis on his mini-opera “A Quick One While He’s Away.”

1971 – The Who play the Dallas Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, Texas

1972 – The Daily Mirror RAC Rally begins. The Who’s sponsored car drops out of the race before it is completed

1972 – Pete is on Scene and Heard discussing the orchestral version of Tommy.

1972 – Pete is interviewed on Scene and Heard discussing the orchestral version of Tommy.

1972 – Billboard magazine carries an article titled “‘Tommy LO Spurs Xmas” by Nat Freedland

1973 – The Who arrive in Montreal, Canada, disembarking from the plane wearing paper hats made out of French in-flight newspapers and singing the French national anthem. That evening they perform at the Montreal Forum. Early the next morning The Who and twelve members of their entourage are jailed in Montreal after Pete and Keith wreck their hotel suites. They manage to post bail at 1:15pm when the local promoter pays $5,995.34 in cash to the police station and they perform that night at the Boston Garden where they rail to the audience about the Montreal police. John will go on to commemorate the arrest in the song “Cell Number Seven “ on his solo album Mad Dog.

1973 – The Buffalo New Times carries a long review of Quadrophenia titled “This Who Concept Album Is a World Away from ‘Tommy'” by Kim Winship

1975 – The Who play the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa

1978 – “Trick Of The Light “ backed with “905,” the first Who single outside Japan to have both A and B-sides written by John, is released in U.S. It does not make it onto the charts. Billboard magazine carries a short review of the single as well as a full page ad

1979 – The Who’s 1979 North American tour continues at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena.

1985 – Roger Daltrey begins his first solo tour at the Capitol Theater in Passaic, New Jersey.

1985 – Pete Townshend does a two-hour radio interview with Rockline.

1987 – John Entwistle and his band play at The Ritz in New York

1987 – John and Rat Race Choir have a one-off show at The Ritz in New York

1999 – Pete is interviewed on Radio 2’s The Steve Wright Show

1999 – Pete attends a David Bowie after show party At Pop, Soho Street, London

2003 – Roger is a presenter at the DVD Exclusive Awards at the Wiltern LG Theater in Los Angeles.

2006 – The Who play the TD Bank North Garden in Boston, Massachusetts

2010 – Roger is interviewed on CBS tv and talks about how Dr. Steven Zeitels from the Institute of Laryngology and Voice Restoration saved his voice

2012 – The Who play the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee

2014 – The Who play the First Direct Arena in Leeds, West Yorkshire

2018 – The Guardian includes Roger Daltrey’s Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite in their list of best books of 2018.

“The title of Roger Daltrey’s Thanks a Lot Mr Kibblewhite (Blink) refers to his school headteacher who, after an incident with an air gun, expelled him with the words “You’ll never make anything of your life, Daltrey”. His parents were devastated but he was unfazed, having long given up on academic life. A more responsible Daltrey emerges during his musical career, forever playing the straight man to his more rambunctious bandmates, and the overwhelming sense is of a man on the outside looking in. His autobiography is vivid, atmospheric and funny, and, because of his aversion to mind-altering substances, it’s probably one of the more reliable accounts of life in one of the world’s biggest rock bands.”

Read the whole article here: (It is listed in the “Showbusiness” section)