Today in Whostory: 12/06/2019

1957 – Pete gets a little brother as Paul Townshend is born

1963 – The Detours perform at the Glenyln Ballroom in Forest Hill

1965 – The first instance where Keith Moon has to be replaced, due to a bout of whooping cough that leaves him bed-ridden with his mom taking care of him. Viv Prince, formerly of The Pretty Things, takes the drum chair for The Who at the Eltham Baths in Eltham Hill

1967 – The Who were to have resumed touring Britain at the Sky Line Ballroom in Hull but the date is canceled. The excuse given is that The Who have to return to America for a performance on The Ed Sullivan Show although this never happens.

1968 – The Who play Maxwell Hall at The University of Salford in Salford, Manchester

1973 – The Who play at The Capital Centre in Washington D.C. This show is also recorded by The King Biscuit Flower Hour and remains in their vaults although it is never broadcast. The photograph used for the poster insert in the Odds and Sods album is taken at this show. Before the show John Swenson interviews Pete who says Quadrophenia now seems “incredibly calculated; a winding up of Who affairs in that era,” and adds that he as a writer and The Who as a band will have to find a new direction. “I don’t want to wave the rock ‘n’ roll flag for the rest of my life. “,

1975 – The Who play the Pontiac Metropolitan Stadium in Pontiac, Michigan

1979 – The Who perform at the Richfield, Ohio Coliseum. The Christian Science Monitorreports that Boston city officials have decided to allow The Who’s concert of the 16th to take place. For the rest of the tour, whether The Who would be allowed to play becomes a matter of each city government’s concern. Ultimately only the show in Providence, Rhode Island is canceled after the mayor says that by two shows into their tour, The Who have killed an average of 5.5 fans per show.

1982 – The Who play in St. Louis at the Checkerdome. “Cry If You Want” is dropped for this night and replaced with “Dr. Jimmy.”

1988 – Pete is visited by his friend Robert Greenfield as he works on The Iron Man at his home studio in Twickenham. Pete tells Robert that, despite pressure, he will not tour with The Who as part of a 25th anniversary celebration.

1996 – The Who and friends return Quadrophenia to London with the first of two shows at Earl’s Court in London

1999 – An exhibit of the artwork connected with Pete’s Avatar boxset is exhibited at the Corningsby Gallery in London through the 11th

1999 – Pete places two messages on his website, the first asking for understanding about his changing his mind about the existence of The Who. “I am doing it out of love, friendship and because I think I’m really going to enjoy it.” He also clears up the confusing credit for his song “North Country Girl” on his solo album All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes explaining he adapted the song after hearing it on a Roy Harper album where it was credited as “Traditional: arr by Roy Harper”.

2010 – The Who release a video for the song “Tattoo” created to celebrate the recent release of Live At Leeds 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Collector’s Edition. The video is created by Chris Boyle.

2012 – The Who play the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey

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