October 19, 2021

Today in Whostory: 12/17/2020

1965 – The Who play the Ricky-Tick Club in Windsor

1965 – New Musical Express carries a review of “My Generation”

1965 – The Who record an appearance on Ready Steady GO! performing “My Generation” followed by Keith playing “Buttons” in a Christmas pantomime. Pete mimes to Peter Cook and Dudley Moore’s comedy song “Goodbye-ee” then The Who perform “Jingle Bells” and an instrumental “You Rang” with John imitating Lurch from The Addams Family TV series.

1966 – The Who play the Imperial Ballroom in Nelson, Lancashire

1966 – Disc and Music Echo features The Who on the cover

1966 – Record Mirror features a review of “Happy Jack” and the EP Ready Steady Who hits its peak at #1 in the British Top EP chart, one of The Who’s only two official #1’s in the U.K.

1967 – The Who mime to “Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands” on the last episode of Twice A Fortnight. A short clip from this episode was presented in “All My Loving”

1968 – “The Who’s Christmas Party “ at the Marquee in London is The Who’s last ever performance at the venue where they had first come to the capital’s attention during their residence in 1964-1965. This time Who fan Nigel Cornthwaite comes onstage to sing “Magic Bus “ with the Who. Yes is the opening act.

1979 – The Who play the Capital Centre in Landover, Maryland
You can listen to the show on YouTube starting here

1982 – The Who play the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The show is broadcast on PPV. The show was released on VHS as “The Who Rocks America” and on DVD as “Live From Toronto”
You can watch this show on YouTube here

1994 – Roger appears on the Channel 4 show Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush performing “Pinball Wizard” and “I’m A Man”

2008 – The Who play the indigo at The 02 in London