October 28, 2021

Today in Whostory: 12/27/2020

1964 – The Who play The Ealing Club in Ealing

1969 – Rolling Stone carried a full page ad entitled “What Pete Townshend Thinks About King Crimson”

1975 – Cashbox carried a full page ad for Squeeze Box and “By Numbers”

1975 – Billboard featured its annual “Talent in Action” section featuring their “Number One” lists.

The Who were #61 in the “Album Artists” list

The Who were #17 in the Pop Albums section with the Tommy Soundtrack

The Tommy Soundtrack was the #1 soundtrack

Additionally, MCA carried a full page ad congratulating their “‘Talented’ 1975 Award Winners” – listing Roger

1978 – Roger is interviewed by members of the Who’s News fanzine. He says that Pete has already signed his solo contract with Atlantic but that The Who haven’t decided on a new label (he would prefer CBS). He says Kenney Jones is “the fourth member of the band from now on “ but that this is just for studio work, not for live shows. He says The Who “are like an open wound; we need to seal it up. “, The interview would appear in the March 1979 issue of “Who’s News”

1980 – Billboard magazine carried a feature entitled “The Lippmann+Rau Story” about concert promoters Fritz Rau and Horst Lippmann. It also featured ads from various people, including The Who.

1997 – “Off The Mark” by Mark Parisi features “Pete Townshend”
You can see it here

2002 – Acme Rock Group releases their CD Star featuring a cover of “Odorono”.
Listen to it on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wpxQevwHrA