Today in Whostory: 2/01/2020

1964 – John tunes in to Thank Your Lucky Stars and sees another band called The Detours. This band, hailing from Liverpool, had formerly been known as Lee Curtis and The Detours, but became simply The Detours after Curtis left. Now they are riding a short-lived wave supplied to all the Mersey Beat groups by the success of The Beatles. John goes to Roger, Pete and Doug Sandom and breaks the news. With one group called “The Detours” already appearing on national television, they realize they will have to change the name of their band.

1966 – The Who play the Britania Rowing Club in Nottingham

1967 – The Who appear on the television show Scene on Granada television. Also on the show is politician Quintin Hogg who had represented Shel Talmy in the previous year’s lawsuit.

1967 – Swedish Television airs part one of a Popside special showing The Who recording “Bucket T.”

1968 – The Who and The Small Faces begin the long flight flying back to London from Auckland, New Zealand with stops at Fiji, Honolulu and San Francisco.

1968 – Beat Instrumental magazine publishes it’s “1967 Gold Star Awards”

Roger Daltry (sic) tied for 20th for “Recording Vocalist”
Pete Townshend got 7th for “Lead Guitarist” and 5th for “Songwriting Team”
John Entwhistle (sic) got 6th for “Bass Guitarist” and 7th for “Brass & Woodwind”
Keith Moon got 2nd for “Drummer”
The Who got 2nd for “Best Group on Stage”

1969 – New Musical Express reports The Who have rejected a spot on The Tom Jones Show because the money isn’t right and the programme isn’t in keeping with their image.

1969 – The Who play the Union Ballroom at the University in Newcastle with opening acts Free and the Love Affair.

1969 – Pete is working in his home studio when Delia DeLeon calls him to tell him of Meher Baba’s death.

1969 – Melody Maker carries an article entitled “Who Have New Single Released” saying “Pinball Wizard” will be released within the next four weeks.

1985 – The Who fanzine The Relay reports that “Scoop II” was compiled the previous year but Atco Records refused to release it (they would relent two years later). Also in The Relay, in a continuation of an interview with Roger conducted a year before, Roger says he is going to produce and direct a movie about The Kray Twins and that he recorded an entire solo album called “Pop Songs” immediately prior to Parting Should Be Painless but scrapped it.

1986 – The second single from Pete’s solo album White City, “Give Blood” backed with a live version of “Magic Bus” by his Deep End Band is released. The 12″ single also has a Deep End live version of “Won’t Get Fooled Again.” It fails to chart.

1986 – Billboard magazine carries a brief mention of “Quicksilver Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album”

1996 – The John Entwistle band play in New Jersey at the Club Bene

1996 – The John Entwistle Band play at Club Bene in South Amboy, New Jersey

2001 – The British press reports that Roger has sold his trout farm to put up cash for the Keith Moon biopic

2003 – The Scotsman reports that John Entwistle’s last steady companion Lisa Pritchett-Johnson has been told she must vacate John’s home as the family plans to sell it

2007 – Roger tells Virgin Radio his favorite drink is Kombucha tea

2013 – The Who play the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California

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