Today in Whostory: 2/08/2019

1966 – Who were scheduled to play the Town Hall in Farnborough, it was rescheduled for March 9.

1969 – The Who play Portland Hall at Regent Polytechnic in London

1971 – Who are billed as session guests on BBC Radio One’s The Johnnie Walker Show.

1981 – The Who play Odeon Cinema in Lewisham, London

1983 – Pete wins a Lifetime Achievement Award at the BRIT Awards at the Grosvenor House, London.

1987 – The John Entwistle Band performs at the Musikmesse, a huge trade show, in Frankfurt, Germany.

1988 – The Who receive a Lifetime Achievement award from the British Phonographic Industry and perform during a live TV broadcast from the Royal Albert Hall in London. No one probably knows it at the time, but it is Kenney Jones’ last performance with The Who. The Who are faded out in mid-song when the program overruns. Just before the show, Pete is told his daughter Aminta has been taken to the hospital with pneumonia. Pete comes within a hair of leaving and later says he regrets he didn’t.

1993 – The Recording Industry Association of America upgrades their sales awards for Who albums. Unless noted, gold means 500,000 units sold, platinum 1,000,000 – The Who’s Greatest Hits (platinum – 2 million), Hooligans (gold), Live At Leeds (platinum – 2 million), Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy (platinum), Quadrophenia (platinum), The Who By Numbers (platinum), Tommy (platinum – 2 million), Who Are You (platinum – 2 million), Who’s Better, Who’s Best (gold), and Who’s Next (platinum – 3 million).

2002 – The Who play the Royal Albert Hall in Kensignton Gore, London

2002 – Roger Daltrey tells The Sun that he had Mike Myers audition to play Keith Moon. Myers’ publicist later denies it.

2007 – Pete and Roger perform a four-song acoustic set in London at a lunchtime press conference to mark the announcement of the band’s European tour. Held at the Hospital venue in Covent Garden, the duo perform “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “Behind Blue Eyes” “Mike Post Theme” and “Tea & Theater”. Commenting on the tour, Pete says, “What holds Roger and I together is the music, and what we realize is that the audience put us there. When they vote us off, we’ll go.”

2013 – The Who play The Joint in Las Vegas, Nevada