Today in Whostory: 3/01/2020

1944 – Roger Harry Daltrey is born at Hammersmith Hospital in West London.

1964 – The Who play St. Mary’s Hall in Putney

1965 – Roger is the first member of The Who to turn 21

1967 – “Happy Jack” peaks at #4 on the German charts. It is The Who’s biggest singles hit in that country.

1967 – Pete tells Beat Instrumental he is working on a full-length rock opera. Pete: “It takes place in the year 1999, when China is breaking out and is about to take over the world. The hero loses his wife and decides to go and live in this tiny country, which is about to be overrun by the Chinese. The hero goes through hundreds of situations, and there is music for each. He goes out in a boat and gets shipwrecked, he has a bad nightmare, and so on.” Pete never finishes the work and part of it is subsequently released as “Rael” on The Who Sell Out but the publication of this article fires the pistol in the race for someone to be the first to actually put out a full-length “rock opera
The March issue of Beat Instrumental also carries a short article on “Townshend Strap”

1968 – The Who begin their bus tour of North America at The Agrodome in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

1969 – The Who play Mother’s Club in Erdington, Birmingham

1970 – The Sunday Telegraph carries an editorial by Pete called “Sterility of Drug Taking.” Pete praises the work of Dr. Allan Cohen who helps young people get off drugs and says that his own Meher Baba inspired spiritual quest has also led him to reject drug use, a very controversial position for anyone connected to youth culture at this time.

1971 – The Who hold their third official session at the Young Vic Theatre in London as part of the Lifehouse project.

1973 – John attends the Melody Maker Awards at the Savoy Hotel in London

1974 – Keith Moon reports to the set of Stardust where he is playing drummer J.D. Clover. He will also be on call for the movie on the 2nd 4th 5th 12th 14th 17th and 18th.

1975 – Melody Maker reports on Simon Townshend ‘s recently recorded first album and Pete’ s production of a record for singer John Otway

1975 – John and his solo band The Ox continue their North American tour at Massey Hall in Toronto, Canada as the opening act for the J. Geils Band

1976 – The Who play the first of two nights at Pavillon de Paris in Paris, France

1976 – The Who By Numbers is award Gold status by the BPI in London

1976 – The Village Voice (in New York City) ran an ad for Who By Numbers and a show at Madison Square Garden on the 10th of March (The correct date of the show is the 11th!)

1981 – The Who play the Manchester Apollo in Manchester

1986 – Roger appears on the British television show Saturday Night lipsyncing to “Under A Raging Moon.” Also around this time Roger appears on the British show No. 79 miming to “Don’t Talk To Strangers.”

1986 – The soundtrack to the movie Quicksilver with the title song sung by Roger hits the U.S. charts and peaks at #140.

1987 – John joins Meat Loaf at the end of his concert at Wembley Stadium to play bass during Loaf’s “Rock Medley”

1994 – The Who’s Tommy wins the 1993 Grammy for Best Musical Show. 

1994 – Roger’s 50th birthday, he receives a letter informing him that he has a daughter named Kim Binks that he has never met and she has given birth to his grandchild, Liam. Kim’s mother is Lydia, a woman Roger lived with for a short time in the 1960’s and now only vaguely remembers.

1995 – Pete Townshend attends the Toronto opening of the Tommy musical at the Elgin Theatre.

1995 – Pete attends the Toronto opening of the The Who’s Tommy at the Elgin Theatre.

1995 – The Wall Street Journal reports that Roundbook, the company originally slated to create the Tommy CD-rom, has filed for bankruptcy after Kardena Productions, producers of The Who’s Tommy on Broadway, voided their contract. Pete reportedly lost $30,000 as a result.

I haven’t found the Wall Street Journal article, but have a similar article from the Santa Cruz Sentinel

1996 – The John Entwistle Band plays in San Diego

2000 – The Daily Star reports that the Railway Hotel in Harrow, the mod hangout where Pete first smashed a guitar, has burned down. Housing developments called “Daltrey House” and “Moon House” will go up in its place and a plaque commemorating Pete’s guitar destruction will be put on the building in 2009

2000 – The Comic Strip Mallard Fillmore references The Who

2000 – Roger appears with the British Rock Symphony appearing at the Wollongong Entertainment Centre

2005 – Roger, having received a CBE from Queen Elizabeth II the previous month, meets her again at a party to honor the British music industry at Buckingham Palace. Other attendees are Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Charlotte Church, Cilla Black, Shirley Bassey, Phil Collins and Geri Halliwell.

2005 – An interview with Pete Townshend is aired on the BBC Radio 2 programme Hungry For Heaven. Simon Mayo talks to Pete, Donovan, Yusuf Islam and Paul Jones about rockers who became publicly religious.

2005 – Harry Shearer’s wife Judith Owen releases her CD Lost & Found featuring a cover of “My Generation.”

2006 – Pete makes another appearance on his girlfriend Rachel Fuller’s internet webcast program In The Attic. He performs “Real Good Looking Boy”

2007 – The Who play the iPayOne Center in San Diego, California

2008 – Roger, on his 64th birthday, gives in to and sends a message to fans: “I hope you enjoy it. But do me a favour; leave the screen turned off sometimes. Go out. Get a life.”

2009 – The Bollock Brothers release their CD Last Will and Testament featuring a cover of “My Generation”

You can hear it on youtube here:

2013 – Roger is interviewed on Fox 5 New York’s morning program, mostly about the Teen Cancer USA initiative

2013 – The Toronto Sun reports that Pete Townshend has sent a letter of apology to a father and daughter he had cursed at during the Hamilton, Ontario show of February 19th.

2016 – The Who play the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Canada