December 6, 2021

Today in Whostory: 3/02/2019

1965 – The Who play The Marquee Club in London. Richard Green later reviews the show for Record Mirror. He says “I Can’t Explain”, “is not really typical of The Who’s style” noting that one of the songs in their set is played for 26 minutes total.

1966 – The Who play Wolsey Hall in Cheshunt

1967 – The Who play in London

1967 – The Who are in the Marquee Club recording Beat Club. They perform “Happy Jack”, “So Sad About Us” and “My Generation” live.

1967 – David Magnus photographs fan Carole-Anne spending the day with John before attending that night’s Marquee Club show.

1968 – The Who play the Edmonton Gardens in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

1968 – “Call Me Lighting” backed with “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” enters the U.S. charts. It reaches #40 in the Billboard charts and #38 in Cash Box.

1968 – “Call Me Lightning” backed with “Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde” is released in the U.S. reaching only #40 on the Billboard chart

1968 – The Who are thrown out of their hotel’s English-style pub for having long hair. In response John writes the song “What Are We Doing Here?”

1968 – Melody Maker prints a response from Pete to an Australian’s letter. Pete says “Australia’s not getting off that easy.” He sarcastically adds The Who and many more British acts will soon be coming down under to make Aussies’ lives miserable. “Air hostesses and anyone that knows the verses of ‘Waltzing Matilda’ had better hold their noses.”

1968 – Record Mirror says The Who will host a weekly television show called Sound and Picture City for the BBC. Each episode will feature a new song.

1971 – Keith drums for an impromptu group called Freaks that also includes Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes, Gaspar Lawal, Bubs White, Andy Roberts, Denis Cowan and Shamsi Sarumi. They record “Come Out Into The Open,” “Rawlinson End,” “Music for Rawlinson End,” “Bad Blood,” and “Watcher”. The tracks are broadcast on John Peel’s Top Gear show on March 20th

1974 – New Musical Express runs a profile on Terry Kennett the young man who played Jimmy in the Quadrophenia booklet

1975 – John and his band The Ox is the headlining act at Detroit’s Masonic Temple

1976 – The Who play the Pavillon de Paris in Paris, France

1981 – The Who play the Manchester Apollo in Manchester

1993 – Pete Townshend performs with the band for the Broadway musical The Who’s Tommy at a private party at the West Bank Café in New York.

1996 – The John Entwistle Band continues their bus tour of North America with a show at The Fillmore in San Francisco

1996 – The John Entwistle Band play The Fillmore in San Francisco, California

2000 – On the JAM! Showbiz website, Jimmy Page responds to reports that he and the Black Crowes will be touring that summer with The Who. “There has been a vicious, nasty rumor going around that I’m going to be supporting The Who or opening for The Who, which there could be nothing further from the truth.”

2010 – Producer Michael Dorf’s annual tribute to musical legends at Carnegie Hall turns to The Who with a mix of stars and newcomers covering Pete Townshend tunes. Living Colour performs “Eminence Front”, Bob Mould does “I Can’t Reach You”, The Smithereens cover “The Seeker”, The Gaslight Anthem “Baba O’Riley”, and Patti Smith with her version of “My Generation”.

2010 – Roger Daltrey opens for Eric Clapton at the BOK Center in Tulsa

2012 – Die Ärtze release their EP zeiDverschwÄndung containing the track “Quadrophenia”, a tribute to Mods and The Who

2012 – Pete Townshend is interviewed on episode 2 of the BBC TV programme Melvyn Bragg on Class and Culture. He talks about Mods, Who managers Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp, and living in Belgravia

2012 – Roger is a guest on The Alan Titchmarsh Show

2016 – Tommy opens at the The UNC College of Performing and Visual Arts